Guided tours in Florence

Every little corner of the “Lily's City” will tell you a nice story. It's impossible to describe all of them in this small space. So, let me introduce you only the most important places, like museums, churches and villas, with their gardens: guided tours in Florence.

guided tours florence      guided tours florence      guided tours florence

guided tours florence

The museums to visit in Florence with a guided tours

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Florence offers to the visitors a huge arts Heritage displaied in different galleries, monuments, museums and churches. Its richness in art-works is due especially since when the Medici family moved to live in Florence from Mugello and they have been a particular rule in the government of the state. The different discendents of the family created many collections made of prestigious furnishings, paintings and sculptures.

If you would like to admire the different museums and gallery, we’ll suggest you to hire a licensed tourist guide of Florence. If you want to miss the “Mass-Tourism”, if you don’t like to line-up at the entries of the galleries, we’ll suggest to visit the private “Home Museums Galleries” of the collectionists and art dealers of the past, which dedicate their own lifes to save art-works of priceless value.

guided tours florence

The Uffizi's Gallery

The Uffizi's Gallery, a special building full of the greatest painting of Giotto, Masaccio, Piero della Francesca, the Lippi's, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raffaello, Tiziano and many other prestigious masterpieces like the "born of Venus" and "the Spring" of Sandro Botticelli.

guided tours florence

The Academy's Gallery

The Academy's Gallery of fine Arts, where are located the Michelangelo's sculptures like "the David" and "the Prisoners", also known as "the Slaves", the gypsum plastic model of "the rapt of the Sabines" handmade by Giambologna. We cannot forget the paintings of the XV, XVI and XVII centuries hanging on the walls of the art gallery. The gypsum's models collections of Bartolini and Pampaloni are exposed in order to understand a little bit more the universe of sculptures.

guided tours florence

The Palatine Gallery at Pitti Palace

The Palatine Gallery at Pitti Palace, reach of arts collections that we cannot explain in some words here, just to have en idea, we'll remembere the florentine mosaic tables in precious marble colour stones or the "Quadreria" a special organisation of the paintings collections in the "Grand Duke apartments" with the great work arts of Raffaello, Tiziano, Rubens, Van Eyck, Andrea del Sarto, Rosso Fiorentino, Artemisia Gentileschi and many, many others.

guided tours florence

The Bargello

The "Bargello", an old medieval palace that could be a museum itself that contains the most important Donatello's sculpures like the gilded bronze "David" and the original marble tabernacle of "Saint George" that was on the north wall of the "Orsanmichele Church", but after the Renaissance Sculptor founder works, you can admire many other artworks made by Giambologna, Michelangelo, Andrea della Robbia, Sansovino.

guided tours florence

The Religious Center of Florence

The Religious Centre of Florence, with its Cathedra, one of the greatest architectural work of Arnolfo di Cambio, who started the renovation of the town. Big artist worked on this great building, the most important was certainly the architect who covered the giant "cupola": Filippo Brunelleschi. Opposite to the Cathedral, lies the Baptistery, the oldest monument in Florence, with its gilded bronzes dorr called by Michelangelo "Worthy of Paradise", and last but not least the Campanile of Giotto, that still bears the name of the great genius even if Giotto couldn't see it finished.

guided tours florence

The political Centre of Florence

The political Centre of Florence, includes many sites like Palazzo Vecchio, the oldest monument on the main square: Piazza della Signoria, that was built on the project of Arnolfo di Cambio. Today is still the heart of the governement of the city. Nearby yhe open-air museum: the Loggia de' Lanziwith the Perseus of benvenuto Cellini, the Rapt of the Sabine of Giambologna, real symbols of the great discovering of the XVIth century. The Uffizi's square and its great palace where's located, on the topo floor, the famous museum: Uffizi's Gallery, the Ponte Vecchio or Old Bridge and its Vasarian Corridor.

guided tours florence

The Villas and gardens in Florence

The Villas and gardens in Florence are really famous, for the modern projects of the architects that understood yhe importance of a relationship between the building and the same garden. One of the greatest and famous is certainly the Boboli's Garden, the Royal Palace Garden, today connected with Villa Bardini and its omonymus garden. In the same part of the city, nearby Boboli's garden, we have other 2 gardens, completely different and "private": Annalena's and Torrigiani's Gardens. On the opposite side of the city, going to the north, we can visit other 2 special Villas and gardens, they were properties of the Medicean Family: Villa Reale di Castello and Villa Petraia. These are only few examples...