Florence Landscape: images and pictures

I would like to take you on a virtual tour, leaving you to enjoy the view of Florence through some images and pictures of the city and its surrounding areas: the Florence Landscape.

florence landscape      florence landscape      florence landscape

Emotional images of the skyline of Florence

Pictures of the city

I propose
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The following is a photo gallery that wants to represent, albeit in summary, the splendor and charm of the city, a series of images and pictures taken “along the way”, I hope you'll appreciate the splendor and beauty of the ancient "Fiorenza".

Let me give you a tip: the best view of Florence you will have is certainly the one from Piazzale Michelangelo, the enchanting place created by the Florentine architect Giuseppe Poggi at the end of the 19th century. It' a “must see” for anyone visiting Florence, because it offers the possibility to admire, with a unique view, the main attractions of the city.

Florence: its landscape, its history