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Tourist guide florence

If you're coming to Florence, I suggest you to book a guided visit of the city in order to get straight inside its history and the essence of the culture that's displaied in it. You will feel the unique atmosphere of the arts in the historical city center by looking the artistic details of the ancient buildings or just walking and turning your head around to see the charming beauties of the landscape of Florence.

Art and culture

It's true, however, that Florence is the city of the arts and “the beautiful" appears in all its glorious memory.

In fact, if you think that about a tenth of the national artistic assets is concentrated in Florence, anyone visiting the city will experience the charm of historical-urban details and cultural factors that have made it unique and unrepeatable in the world.

Itineraries and tips

In this "virtual" place I would like to suggest the reasons why for a private customized visit in the city, accompanied by a licensed tourist guide. I take this opportunity, therefore, to give you some information of the places, curiosities and a different view of the city, adding captions with some images of the city, anticipating what you will see during a guided tour (on request, I can make reservations for entrance tickets).

Florence tourist guide: private tours

Private visits with a tour guide in Florence

Some of the itineraries I’m offering are exclusive and, as a fully skilled licensed guide of Florence, I can realize them only after your reservation. If you’ll need more information for other suggestions, please write me.


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