Free museums in Florence

Every first Sunday of the month you can get free entrances in all the national and local museums, galleries, villas, libraries and archeological areas of Italy and Florence.

free museums florence      free museums florence      free museums florence

free museums florence

In Florence, free museums every first Sunday of the month

Since the great success of the “Culture's week” in 2013, Florence and Italy opened the gates to the arts and history the first Sunday of the month, giving to all the citizens and tourists, the opportunity to have a free entrances to the national and city's museums.

You can get the opportunity to book private guided visits with my organization, in order to get an unforgettable experience by visiting arts-sites with a fully skilled tourist guide. The first Sunday of the month is not possible to make a reservation for your museums' inside visit, because there's no tickets to pay and the booking service is not working.

free museums florence

Florence: free museums

The first Sunday of the month, as described above, the museums are always free (not all of them, private museums would not participate to the project).
You can find the list of all the florentine museums in the local link:
This important event, will give you the opportunity to get more in touch with the city of Florence and its history and arts.
For this reason, I would like to offer you particular rates for a walking tour in the old city center of Florence, which is alone an open-sky museum. We can connect paintings and lifes of the great artists just strolling along the old medieval and renaissance streets of the city.
Here following you'll find some proposals of a tour and their rates:
- Private walking tour for a family: € 100 (about 2 hours);
- Walking tour for small groups, not less than 5 people, even with different persons only in English language: € 20 per person (about 2 hours).

free museums florence

Proposal for a guided visit

Guided visit of the old city center (about 2 hours):

- The tour will start from the meeting point in Republic square, at the coloumn. We'll walk to the Baptistry and the Duomo (the cathedral of the city, here inside visit) and then we'll reach the Dante's places, where the poet born and lived before his exile. Along the way we'll see the little church where Dante met Beatrice Portinari, his platonic and unique great love, the little oratory of the “Buonomini” of San Martino and the Orsanmichele church (outside);
- We'll reach then Piazza della Signoria with its Loggia de Lanzi, the Loggia of the new marketplace (known as “piglet loggia) and we'll end the tour in the middle of the old bridge, admiring the views and the beauties of Florence.

The tour will start only with people that have booked it and the it is possible in the morning and in the afternoon either, at these times:10 AM and 3 PM.

Free museums in Florence: first Sunday of the month

During this day-event the entrance at the national and local museums, galleries and arts-sites will be free, but, please remember that few other museums, churches or private historical palaces will not be free and the charge of the entrances is not included in my offer. The list of the national free museums is visible at this link:, and the florentine local museums that participate to this event are: Museo di Palazzo Vecchio (Old Palace museum), museum of 900, museum Stefano Bardini, The Brancacci Chapel, Fondation Salvatore Romano and the museum of S. Maria Novella.